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Wide Range of Specialist Landscaping Services in Hayward Heath

Here at Smart Gardens in Hayward Heath, we offer a wide range of services to satisfy all your landscaping needs. You can expect the same attention to detail and professionalism with every project we undertake, whether you need fencing or your grass cutting.

We can offer advice and assist with planning your project. In addition, our relationships with local suppliers allow us to source and supply the best products on the market, at the best prices. Here are just some of the services we offer:

Our experts all agree that early autumn is the best time of year to undertake any turfing project. This is because turf will integrate into the landscape more effectively when the soil is warm and moist.


It is also possible to lay a lawn during spring, but if hosepipe bans are affecting Hayward Heath and its surrounding areas, we tend to avoid doing so during this time of year. This is because all new turf needs watering on a regular basis to prevent it from being put under stress.


After we lay a lawn, we advise all customers in and around Hayward Heath to try not to walk on it until it roots into the soil; a process which could take several weeks. For more information, or for help and advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Smart Gardens Landscaping Haywardsheath Turfing

Regular grass cutting is the most important thing you can do to keep your lawn in good health during the spring and summer months. We use lawn mowers with a wider to make quick work of mowing the lawn. For really large lawns, we use either a ride-on mower or a self-propelled model.


If you have problems with moss, it is likely your lawn is too damp, which in turn implies that it is drained poorly. Autumn is a good time to remedy moss problems. We like to use a process called scarification (vigorous raking) to remove moss during this time of year. This can be done by hand with a spring-tine rake on small lawns, although we use a mechanical rake on large lawns to save time.

Smart Gardens Landscaping Haywardsheath Lawn Maintenance
Smart Gardens Landscaping Haywardsheath Fencing

Here at Smart Gardens, our dedicated fencer offers a wide range of fencing solutions to suit any garden. From overlap fencing panels to deluxe planed fencing, we can supply and install exactly what you and your garden need.


We make panels to predetermined sizes, but our fencer can also tailor them to whatever shape and size you require.

Smart Gardens Landscaping Haywardsheath Tree Surgery

If you a need a tree surgeon in Hayward Heath, then you’ve come to the right place! We provide everything from pruning, to tree removal and stump grinding. We offer some or all of these services as part of a complete landscaping package.


Many of our clients turn to us for stump grinding as part of a wider makeover for their garden; creating more space, as well as improving its appearance.

Using modern technology and our own expertise, we make quick work of those unsightly stumps.

For landscaping of the highest standard in Hayward Heath, please call Smart Gardens today!