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Landscaping Solutions for Hove Residents

Based in nearby Hayward’s Heath, Smart Gardens are a one-stop shop for landscaping services for both residential and commercial clients in Hove. Our family-run business covers a variety of different landscaping tasks, from general maintenance jobs such as grass cutting and fencing, all the way to arboricultural work from our team of expert tree surgeons. We are committed to serving Hove with a friendly, reliable service at affordable prices.


As a resident of a chic town such as Hove, you’ll know how important it is for your garden to incorporate the latest landscaping trends. On this page, we’ve looked at how Smart Gardens can facilitate a transformation of your landscaping to match 2016’s fashions.


Landscaping Trends for 2016


Fully Customised Outdoor Spaces

As more Hove homeowners entertain outdoors and make the most of time spent outside, gardens have become extensions of interior spaces through landscaping, complete with furniture and appliances. Beyond basic decking and patios, Hove landscapes are increasingly being transformed into comfortable living and dining spaces featuring fireplaces and fire pits. Set off against a lawn beautifully manicured by our grass cutting team, this can make for a welcoming space to set the mood for a gathering. Themed spaces, such as yoga gardens, further personalise outdoor spaces to fit the interests of Hove homeowners, and full privacy can be achieved with Smart Gardens’ fencing.


Edible Landscapes

The preference for the natural and the organic has become popular amongst Hove residents, and “grow your own” is a hot trend in the landscaping world in 2016. Fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables add texture and colour variety to landscapes, while providing a supply of delicious ingredients. Don’t forget, our tree surgeons can take care of your fruit-bearing trees if they become unhealthy, ensuring you can enjoy delicious apples, pears and oranges for years to come.


Geometric Shapes

Another trend for Hove homeowners to bear in mind when renovating their landscapes is that geometric shapes like rhombuses and trapeziums are very much in vogue in gardens. Smart Gardens are able to help you customise your outdoor space to any specification. For example, our tree surgeons can prune your trees and shrubs to a sharp edge, or we can install a small, angular contained garden perfect for urban outdoor areas, surrounded by our high-quality timber fencing. Our grass cutting team can also ensure your lawn stays tidy and lush, perfecting a smart, modern look for your landscaping.


If you’re inspired by what you’ve read, call us on 01444 811130 and find out how Smart Gardens can help realise the landscaping dreams of Hove homeowners.