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Tree Surgery and Stump Grinding Services in the Horsham Area

Horsham is a green town with a large density of arboriculture. Tree surgery and stump grinding are two of our more popular services. Smart Gardens operate as a specialist tree surgeon with a wide range of arboricultural solutions that help bring out the best in your domestic or commercial property space.


The removal of stumps will help to tidy your garden after felling and take away the risk of anyone tripping or falling over these unsightly remnants. The process of removing a tree can be intensive and the last thing you need is your whole garden dug up to remove roots. Stump grinding is a more efficient and cost-effective form of tree surgery available to clients in Horsham and the surrounding West Sussex area.


A tree surgeon will often pull smaller tree stumps out with a winch and for better leverage, we tend to leave a good-sized stump in the ground. Once levered, we use special advanced stump grinding machinery to mechanically grind out the remaining roots to leave little more than sawdust. Some roots will be inevitably left in the ground but the majority of these should just rot down and disintegrate over time.


The tree surgeons at Smart Gardens of Horsham have years of experience in such matters so please call us today to discuss any type of tree removal or stump grinding work. We also have a full range of formative pruning, thinning and reduction services available.


Superior Gardens with our Turfing and Grass Cutting Services in Horsham

At Smart Gardens, we often get asked about the advantages of turfing over seeding for your Horsham lawn. We believe that the instant look of a brand new lawn is both stunning and more practical. With the right care, newly-turfed lawns can be used within a month.


Turfing won’t wash away during heavy rain like seed can on a slope. Birds also like to eat grass seed and both of these factors combined can contribute to an uneven lawn growth. Property owners in Horsham will also have less maintenance to worry about with our turfing because it needs less watering after laying than seed.


We will also take care of keeping your new lawn in trim with our grass cutting services. Once they’ve had new lawns laid, many of our Horsham clients wouldn’t leave their grass cutting requirements with anyone else. We have many repeat customers in the area who use our company for lawn care on a contract maintenance or as-needed basis.


Call or email us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll discuss how we can transform your garden with our specialist turfing and grass cutting services. We currently provide lawn care for residential homeowners, local businesses, local authorities, schools and other organisations in Horsham and all of its surrounding areas.